We can use natural-looking white fillings to treat cavities without ruining your smile. These subtle fillings blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth and also strengthen and restore a damaged tooth.

We place white fillings by layering a composite resin on to the cavity. We finish this process by hardening the carefully applied resin with a special bright light.

The benefits in brief

  • Tooth-like appearance.
  • Help restore a damaged tooth.
  • More of the natural tooth is preserved.

The Donovan’s Dental difference

We have been an amalgam-free practice for over ten years, so if you have any concerns about the safety of amalgam, you’ll have no need to worry at Donovan’s Dental. You can also be sure that any repairs to your teeth will be unnoticeable.

Not keen on flaunting your fillings? Call us on 01798 343552 and ask about our ‘hard to spot’ white fillings.