Whether you have a single missing tooth or no teeth at all, dental implants can offer a lasting solution to gaps in your smile.

A dental implant is a cylindrical post made from titanium – a durable, biocompatible metal that eventually fuses with the surrounding bone and becomes a surrogate tooth root. This bonding process takes six to eight weeks but, when fully embedded, the implant provides a particularly firm foundation for a replacement tooth.

We can provide a single tooth implant with a crown for a lone lost tooth, or multiple implants, to support a bridge or stabilise dentures.

The benefits in brief

  • Can fill in embarrassing gaps which can deliver a big boost to your confidence.
  • Securely support replacement teeth which can improve how you eat and speak.
  • Can stimulate the jaw and help avoid bone loss.
  • More like real teeth, so they are easier to keep clean than bridges or dentures.

The Donovan’s Dental difference

We only use the highest quality implant technology and materials for natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Our implantologist, Harry Shiers, is a leading dental implant surgeon and one of only a few dentists who have undertaken advanced training in implant dentistry. Harry’s practice is located very near to Harley Street, but he also works with us at Donovan’s Dental. This means our patients can benefit from implants of exceptional quality, without the cost and inconvenience of travelling to London.

During a consultation, Harry carries out a thorough clinical assessment to check if you’re a suitable candidate and work out which is the most suitable implant for you. He will also discuss the cost and how long treatment will take.

If you decide to go ahead, Harry will carry out the procedure with expertise and attentive care, ensuring you feel well-looked after every step of the way. Following surgery, we will restore the implants to create natural-looking and correctly functioning teeth. We will also keep a regular eye on your new teeth and offer plenty of implant care advice.

Fed up with your incomplete smile and looking for a reliable, natural-looking solution? Give us a call on 01798 343552.